InfusedMail Enables You To Fully Automate Physical Direct Mail Into Your Infusionsoft Follow Up Marketing Campaigns

Watch the video below to discover how using direct mail can boost your current response rates by as much as 1300%* in just 7 days WITHOUT having to print a single letter or stuff a single envelope yourself!

$1 trial for 30 days, then just $9.95/month until cancelled.

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An Infusionsoft Users Dream Solution Working Seemlessly In The Campaign Builder

A true set & forget solution for adding direct mail to any Infusionsoft campaign. Limited only by your imagination.

The power of one letter, all by itself

I’ve seen a letter lift response by 1300% over the much fancier control package, another letter pacify irate customers so they don’t mind paying shipping and handling, and another apologize for a mistake and wind up selling more merchandise than if the mistake hadn’t been made in the first place.

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Lois Geller
  • Sales Letters

    Automatically send mail-merged letters to your prospects and customers to follow up with them about your products & services. Whether a customer  joined a membership site or needs reminding about a cross-sell opportunity, now you can write to them immediately  directly from within your Infusionsoft application.

  • Post cards

    Send Post cards to your prospects and customers to get their attention directly from within your Infusionsoft account. Re-enforce the messages contained within your email marketing and sales presentations to let your potential customers know you’ve not forgotten them. Sending a post card within Infusionsoft has become as easy as sending an email!

  • Greeting Cards

    Whether it’s a message for a Happy Holidays, it’s your Customers Birthday, Anniversary or anything else, sending Greetings cards is a lovely way to remind your customer that they are SPECIAL. Also there’s nothing stopping you turning a Greetings Card into something a little more creative, like a ‘Private Invitation’ to a live event.

Integrates Infusionsoft Directly With All Of These 'On Demand' Printing & Mailing Services:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your enquiry personally.

What exactly is is an independently owned online software solution that bridges the gap between Infusionsoft and other third party print & mail solutions which don’t themselves integrate directly into the campaign builder.


How difficult is it to use InfusedMail?

If you are used to using the Campaign Builder within your Infusionsoft account, then you will find this extremely easy to use. We recommend viewing our video tutorials before creating your first direct mail marketing piece. Don’t worry; everything in the video tutorial section is divided up into simple click-by-click steps. Everything from opening a new account to creating your first letter mailer template and inserting instructions into your Infusionsoft campaign builder is all included.

Do I need to have an account with a third party print & mail solution?

Yes, we integrate with and highly recommend you open an account with the following services to actually handle the printing and mailing of your letters, postcards and greetings cards:

Can Adding Direct Mail to My Marketing Campaigns Really Boost Results By 1300%

You don’t know until you try! Whilst direct mail has been proven time and time again to boost the overall response rate of a properly written and well thought out marketing campaign (*read this Forbes article*), we are not mind-readers or fortune tellers, (just humble product developers). Therefore the only promise we make you is that can fully-automate the process of sending instructions to your ‘print and mail’ company so they can distribute your direct marketing materials to your targeted prospects and customers as and when required

Start Sending Physical Direct Mail, Directly From Your Infusionsoft Campaign In Minutes...

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$1 trial for 30 days, then just $9.95/month until cancelled.